How to plan a perfect surprise?

How to plan a perfect surprise?

When it comes to presenting a perfect gift, we think a lot about how to plan it? How to keep it a surprise? How do you know whether the other person would love this surprise? And last but not least, what if you are scared you would mess it up?

You can initiate a random conversation with the intended recipient of your gift. Try to know their opinion about their likes and dislikes. This technique would also help you figure out what kind of party the guest of honor finds interesting.

Phewww, nanhi si jaan par kitna stress!

Don’t worry; Surprize is here!

We will help you plan a perfect surprise for the special occasion. We offer a top-class gifting experience for all your memorable special moments. Not only that, but we have a solution for all your needs, from personalized cards to gift hampers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dig into party mode! Listed below are a few steps you need to follow to plan a perfect surprise.

Gift every hour

Giving gifts every hour is a fantastic idea if you are celebrating a loved one’s birthday or anniversary. You can select curated or personalized gifts and surprise them with a gift every hour to make them feel special.

But when choosing and buying the gifts, make sure the recipient gets surprised!

Personalized cards

Personalized cards are another great idea of surprising someone on their birthday or anniversary. You can customize the card with a photograph and a special message.

Also, if they are going shopping, you can surprisingly keep the card inside their shopping bag so that when they unpack the bags, they blush! Or leave the card on their door, ring the doorbell, and hide somewhere.

Curated gift hampers

A hamper is a good gift depending on the occasion. It makes an excellent gifting suggestion for colleagues and friends. You can curate your hamper with all of their favorite items, which will make them very happy and excited to receive this cute, adorable gift.

You can send this hamper to their home without any name! Let them think. Of course, if you are their jigri dost they will definitely call you! Then you can spill the beans!

Plan and decide the theme

Are you confused about what to do first? You want to throw a party but are confused about how?…. How to manage this?

Don’t you worry, let’s go ahead by deciding the party’s theme according to the occasion. Use all these necessary things while planning a party! It is an essential part, so flex up your planning army and determine everyone’s roles in organizing the party.

  • Preparing a guest list, why not?
  • Sending out invites cause bulawa is essential!
  • Deciding on a theme color. #goals!
  • Ordering or preparing some yummy food.
  • Organize the return gifts for guests not to feel, “Khaali haath aye the khaali haath jaana hai.

Select a Date and Time

Pick a perfect date and time for your party. You can choose to have it on the same day as the occasion. Or, if the guest of honor is busy on that day, you can plan a day before or after.

If it is a farewell party, you can arrange to have it the previous week because the guest of honor may be busy completing last-minute tasks. Besides, don’t forget to keep tissues for the senti session after the farewell party and the list of songs!

Also, one can surprise the guest of honor with the beautiful senti video and images with personalized messages.

Send the invites: Chalo bulawa bhejna hai!

Sending an invitation can be a lengthy task, but it is essential. You might be thinking a digital invitation will be fair enough. However, opt for a handwritten or printed card, as it cannot be ignored and will make your guests feel special.

It is best to pen down a personalized message instead of generic messages. Don’t forget to mention it is a surprise party and ask the guests not to disclose anything to the guest of honor.

Decorate the venue

Sajna hai mujhe party ke liye!

Choosing decoration items according to the occasion is very important.

Make a list of everything you will need to decorate the venue. These items may include balloons, buntings, customized photo banners, tiny custom gifts for decor, table pieces, and many more.

You can purchase all these items online as it saves a lot of time, and until it gets delivered, you can focus on some other plans for the party!

Don’t forget food and drinks!

We know you won’t, but this is a reminder just in case you do!

If it is a birthday party, having a cake goes without saying. Apart from that, you can order refreshments, especially a few favorite food dishes of the guest of honor.

If it is a family function, you can even prepare some dishes to give it a special touch. After all, who doesn’t love ghar ka khana!

Virtual surprise party

You can plan a fantastic virtual party with a few pointers:

  • Set up the party on an appropriate virtual platform.
  • Send invites through email or social media.
  • Decorate your background with group photos of the guests or the guest of honor.
  • Dim the lighting or use bright lights.
  • Organize some virtual games, etc.

Before the party, you can send gift hampers or snack baskets to the guests but ensure that it reaches them on the day of the virtual meet.


These are a few ideas for organizing the perfect surprise party so that you can rock the party like a pro. You can add your thoughts but ensure to make and follow a checklist to avoid missing anything important.

Rest assured, for all your personalized gifting and decor needs, we are here to help. Surprize will make sure your party is worth celebrating. You can rely on us for all your gifting needs.

Let’s make it special together!

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