On the other hand, atrial fibrillation are followed by sinus node problem and you can “tachy-brady” syndromes are explained [ 113 ]

On the other hand, atrial fibrillation are followed by sinus node problem and you can “tachy-brady” syndromes are explained [ 113 ]

On the other hand, atrial fibrillation are followed by sinus node problem and you can “tachy-brady” syndromes are explained [ 113 ]

The sinus node is prone to disease in particular sick sinus syndrome which leads to a pathologically slow heart rate and can be accompanied by sinus arrest leading to dizziness and loss of consciousness [ 111 how to see who likes you on get it on without paying, 112 ]. The disease increases in incidence with age and has been attributed to progressive cell loss and fibrosis [ 111 , 112 ]. However it also clear that there are changes in the expression of relevant pacemaking genes in the SA node with age. For example HCN4 and SERCA2 decrease in expression and this may be responsible for the decline in intrinsic heart rate with age [ 14 , 113 – 116 ]. It may also be contributing to physiological and pathological adaptations too [ 117 , 118 ]. The SAN is supplied by SAN artery which usually arises from the right coronary artery in man though there are anatomical variations. The SA node responds to hypoxia and ischaemia with heart rate slowing and ultimately failure due to exit block from the SA node into the atrium [ 119 ]. In modelling work, a major component of the response to hypoxia is the opening of KATP channels [ 119 ]. Potential shortening of the action potential duration is offset by increases in calcium current but the membrane potential becomes hyperpolarised and the pacemaker depolarization is slowed. Interestingly, these effects are exacerbated by concomitant increased vagal activity [ 119 ].

We investigated this issue in a different way [ 98 ]. Using an ex-vivo Langendorff preparation we measured spontaneous firing using a multielectrode array. We measured the sinus node recovery time by overdrive pacing the endogenous activity and then stopping the pacing and measured the time it takes for the SAN to recover spontaneous activity. This measure is used clinically to assess SAN function and in hypoxic conditions in control mice we found it became prolonged [ 98 ]. This may be a protective response where a reduction in activity helps preserve the viability of SAN myocytes. In contrast in the cKO mice the SAN recovery time did not prolong with hypoxia and under resting conditions was longer. This lack of flexibility age. The contribution of KATP to SAN physiology and pathophysiology is summarized in Figure 3 .

Which leads to bradycardia and in the end SAN inability

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