Key Of Starry Eden Arc [ ]

Key Of Starry Eden Arc [ ]

Key Of Starry Eden Arc [ ]

Natsu watched from inside the amazement since the Erza asked the girl arm getting cut-off after becoming poisoned. He went to look for Wendy, the only person just who you are going to repair the lady. He did his far better access Wendy as fast as the guy you’ll. He had been enraged once studying you to Jellal was still alive, but managed their fury because the healing Erza is the fresh consideration. The guy leftover questioning on Erza and decided that he cannot let Jellal to fulfill the woman.

Whenever Natsu additionally the others had been unconscious just after being assaulted from the no, Erza encouraged him, indicating faith within the Natsu.When you are attacking against No, Natsu actually hit Jellal, who was looking to help him, for the reason that he made Erza cry. Erza demonstrated astounding faith when you look at the Natsu. In the event that Secret Council involved take Jellal, Natsu attempted gay hookup to avoid them only because Erza is actually thus unfortunate you to she noticeably battled to store by herself regarding bouncing in to prevent them herself.

Edolas Arc [ ]

Natsu would not believe that Edolas’ Erza are their adversary. The guy advised men one to World Land’s Erza is a great people. Natsu is amazed whenever Edolas’ Erza advertised for beaten her Environment Land’s similar,  although not, it was later on showed that it actually was Erza herself, dressed because Knightwalker. Each of them, together with Grey, cheated new Queen and you will attempted to save Extalia.

Tenrou Island Arch [ ]

Early in the exam, Natsu desired Erza due to the fact their challenger. Natsu was worried about Erza during the woman fight Azuma. Natsu are the first individual whose voice are heard because of the Erza when she try trapped regarding the wonders fuel away from Tenroujima. Natsu and you will Erza, in addition to Grey and you may Lucy, conducted Hades. They all attacked your along with her. When Natsu registered the fresh new Thunder-Flames Dragon form, Erza is surprised because of the their stamina. In the event that opportunity was indeed up against them, Natsu’s terminology greatly encouraged everyone. Erza realized that they must continue fighting. Though she is actually from secret electricity, Erza stood around challenge. Together with, when Erza dressed once the a nurse to restore someone, Natsu try observed in this new long queue of men, waiting for their treatment.

When Natsu in addition to anybody else got employment hence needed the brand new experience with little dance, Erza pressed him to help you moving together with her.

Grand Miracle Online game Arc [ ]

Natsu advised Erza for the Pandemonium enjoy, convinced that she’ll needless to say victory and you may are shocked from the their experiences. He had been eager regarding skills, and you will fascinated by Erza’s energy. Adopting the skills was accomplished, he ran so you can Erza and expected their getting a combat having your. Natsu was resentful from the Sabertooth after the Naval Race, and involved to help you assault them, however, is actually dropped by Erza. And additionally, Erza is amazed from the Natsu while in the his and you can Gajeel’s battle with Sting and you may Rogue. After they were honestly attacked because of the Pain, Erza recommended her or him by stating that brand new Guild’s thoughts are that, plus they must win the fight.

Natsu continuously tries to establish his power so you can someone else. In the individuals factors eventually, he’s challenged Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and also Gildarts (simply speaking, all of Fairy Tail’s current S-Class Mages), to fight him, albeit, he had been beaten every big date. Even after his loss, Natsu carries him or her no ill tend to, as he considers everybody in the guild are their relatives. The guy shows so it feelings actually towards previous enemies. Natsu has also moved as far as shielding Laxus out-of becoming expelled, even with their attempt within seizing the guild. Because of his reckless characteristics, Natsu’s battles always concludes having prevalent depletion. Natsu’s passion for fighting have allowed him growing an extremely proper mind, enabling him to, to the various hours, see flaws within his opponent’s techniques, or just defects his rivals by themselves has actually. Natsu is served by defeated his rivals which have pure wit, rather than brute stamina. Natsu, right for their recklessness and you will love of attacking, never backs from a battle.

It absolutely was revealed one Erza are unable to keep their alcohol. If you’re drunk, she serves very aggressive toward others, since the found from the her behavior on the the woman guildmates. She including seemingly have problems accepting people whenever drunk.

Erza’s Records [ ]

Given that many years introduced, Erza turned into about rigorous up to she might be called new guild’s disciplinarian. She got responsibility to have breaking up fights anywhere between Grey and Natsu. At the same time, although not, she are passionate so you can always struggle and bicker having fellow member Mirajane, and that sooner or later finished immediately after Mirajane considerably mellowed out in the newest wake off her younger cousin Lisanna’s noticeable passing in the X782. Around X780, Erza enacted Fairy Tail’s a year stored S-Classification Mage Venture Demonstration, to get the fresh new youngest member of brand new guild to do this within 15 years of age.

When they came back to brand new Guild, Erza and you may Natsu decided to has actually a battle. Nevertheless the struggle was called off because of the some body in the Council. Erza are seized and are showed getting an attempt. Right back within Guild, Natsu tricked someone and you will barged to the council, seeking cut Erza. He outfitted because the Erza herself and you can tried to trick the brand new council users from the proclaiming that he could be the real Erza, but both of them wound-up regarding the prison instead. Even though Erza try crazy initially, she appeared happier later on, just like the Natsu ran all of that much only for the girl benefit.

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